Sasà Salvatore Nocerino

Sasà Salvatore Nocerino

International Presenter and Product Manager

Sasà Salvatore Nocerino

Salvatore Nocerino is an Italian Fitness Presenter, High Degree in Sport Sciences and in Sport Management, having presented his work in over 30 countries and collaborated as a teacher at the Naples University of Sports Sciences and Physical Education. As professional sportsman he is a former soccer player and body building world champion. He discovered his passion for group fitness training after having won the IBFA World Champion in 2002 and since then he dedicates himself to teach and lead workouts all around the globe. Today Salvatore has been master trainer educating fitness professionals for 15 years, he has been athlete, trainer, instructor, group fitness manager, fitness director and is well known in the fitness industry. Relevant brands associate their image to Salvatore and its exercise programs; created by him are A.B.C. Workout (Athletic Body Condition Workout), YAKO Intensa, YAKO 360, T-Bow workout, T-Bow Pilates, B-FIRE, Xtempo Sculpt among others. Many of his programs are or have been distributed to hundreds of gyms in Europe.


1.Stretch & Strength

Postural “stretch & Strength”: body & mind class, a really fusion between different fitness concept, Yoga, Pilates, Balance, Stretching and Functional.

2. Atletic Body Condition

Atletic Body Condition: functional class with free body weight element.

3. Step

Step class: choreo sequence with symmetric and asymmetric blocs

4. F.I.R.E.

F.I.R.E.: an interval functional class with HIIT techniques element to create a motivational and funny workout.