Meet Our Jury

Fit World Awards judges are highly respected experts in the field of fitness and group training.


All judges are bound by a Code of Conduct covering confidentiality, conflicts of interest and contact with entrants.

The judges’ decision is final and there will be no opportunity for appeal, discussion or correspondence.

The judges will rely exclusively on the information provided by the Award entrant.

List of judges by category

Category: "Active"

Luciano Mottola is one of the most influential International fitness presenter in the World . Doctor of physiotherapy, he is knows by his classes  in more then 45 Countries.

Salvatore Nocerino is an Italian Fitness Presenter, High Degree in Sport Sciences and in Sport Management, having presented his work in over 30 countries.

International Fitness Presenter. Since 1992 in the world of fitness. 6 Italian titles in sport aerobics F.G.I. and hip-hop dancer. Since 2005 presenter international in more than 30 different countries.

Taras Klimov – International Fitness Presenter (20 countries). The winner of New Faces of Fitness 2010 (Rimini, Italy. The best fitness presenter of Russia 2018 by IFO (International Fitness Open)

MSc functional training MSc sports training PhD physical education. Founder & ceo fitness evolution. International fitness presenter 25 years in fitness industry

Sergii Falshtynskyi is Puma Ambassador – EREPS International Presenter in 42 counties Educator and General Director in FFA Ukraine

I graduated from Sport University (2006) and Academy of Public Administration (2012). Since 2009 I’ve been CEO of the Educational company “Fitness Profi Education” 

Personal Trainer for Active studio Ostrava and Fitness Trainer for Reebok

Fitness Coach, Fitness Manager and International Presenter Step and Aerobic trainer

Category: "Mind and Body"

Co-author and expert of the PortDeBras™ method. Pilates Elite Trainer, World Class, Moscow. Gravity (Total Gym) Master Trainer. Certified Gyrikinesis Trainer. Master of Sports in rhythmic gymnastics

Elite PortDeBras Trainer за MOVE academy, Founder за Doktor Firma и Instructor PortDeBras, Pilates за Riverpark Dance School


Owner and Founder  Kamato. Master Trainer Pilates.Expert Portdebras, Education for PortDeBras Bulgaria

Master Trainer NTC for Nike + Kyiv, Master trainer NTC and works in Master Trainer Pilates BB USA for Pilates Balanced Body Ukraine and Expert Portdebras, Education for PortDeBras Ukraine

Owner/Partner за ATELIER PILATES и Faculdade за Fletcher Pilates

Former ballet dancer. PortDeBras™ master trainer. International fitness trainer. Yoga and Pilates trainer.

Category: "Dance"

International fitness presenter in 32 countries. Author of PortDeBras™ method, owner of PortDeBras™ trade mark.

Nike International Master Trainer. Massive Crowd Entertainer. GXR Master Trainer. Saints And Stars Trainer

José Martinez International REEBOK Ambassador & Mastertrainer Diplom Dancer, Presenter and Educator International FunTone® Mastertrainer

Presenter for IFAA, Group Fitness Instructor for SATS Sports Club and Group Exercise Instructor for Sats

Giorgio Radici is a step teacher, aerobics, spinning, functional toning and personal trainer. Hip-hop dancer,, teaches funk dances at the National Youth Festival of Dance Agon and at the National Festival of Vignale Danza, and dances for several international brands such as: Nike, Reebok, Rossignol, Kelme.

International Fitness Presenter. Master Trainer STRONG Nation®. ZUMBA® Jammer. Fitness and dance event organizer.

Oleg Ivanov, the star of the belly dance, teacher, choreographer, World champion

Participation in the competition is evaluated according
to the following criteria:

• Image of the instructor (appearance);
• Show, story, explanation of exercises, movements;
• Methods of learning and conducting the class;

• Technique of performing movements, exercises
• Energy class;
• Security.