Exhibitor's Guide

Be Fit Expo 2022

Welcome to the Exhibitors’ Guide
We use Virtual Expo Centers as our platform for conducting Be Fit Expo 2022.
Virtual Expo Centers is an unique platform created to host over 100 events and 6 expo centers:

Be Fit Expo will be an essential part of the 6 virtual expo centers from November 10 to 30, 2022.

Access To The Platform

The marketing campaign of Be Fit Expo will cover large scope of activities and use many channels:


Among the partners of Be Fit Expo are organizations and media from over 40 countries

Social Media

Be Fit Expo has a very established social network presence in Facebook and LinkedIn with over 30 000 followers

Newsletter and emails

Newsletters and subscriber`s emails are sent frequently with news and updates about the exhibitors, partners and participants in Be Fit Expo

Through targeted marketing activities and info campaign thousands of people from all over the world will visit the Expo and meet all the presented companies.  

An article and material in the blogwith link to your expo stand, which will be widely shared in all social media channels. 

Short presentation published in the monthly bulletin of , which is sent to all partners.

Inform your clients and business partners for your participation as exhibitor at Be Fit Expo and invite them to visit your stand.
Share your from blog article and material in your social networks.
During the hosting of each week from the accompanying programyou can maintain and offer more activities on your expo stand.

We strongly recommend that your activity is maintained for at least a month or two after the Expo. 

Post event we will issue a special online magazine , which is distributed for free and reached out to thousands of people worldwide.