Categories and Class Duration

The master class can be no longer than 10 minutes in three categories:


Step, Aerobic. functional training. Kind of body condition. Cycle, Martial art

Mind & Body
Pilates, Yoga,
Stretch, PortDeBras.
Latino, Bally dance,
Pole dance, Hip-Hop.
Participation in the competition is evaluated according
to the following criteria:

• Image of the instructor (appearance);
• Show, story, explanation of exercises, movements;
• Methods of learning and conducting the class;

• Technique of performing movements, exercises
• Energy class;
• Security.


All participants of the Competition are awarded certificates of participation. The winner receives the Fit World Award. The winner of the Contest and the winners of the five best master classes recognized by the judges will be invited as presenters at the Fit World Convention ’23.

The terms of participation

Any fitness instructor with at least 3 years of experience in conducting group classes and who has a permanent job as an instructor of group programs can become a participant in the Competition. Each participant of the competition must be ready to demonstrate the methodologically competent conduct of group classes using all their knowledge, skills and abilities. In addition, the contestants have the opportunity to prove themselves in front of an authoritative panel of judges as future presenters.
The entry fee for the competition is 30 euros per person.
Citizens of any country over the age of 18 are allowed to participate in the Contest.