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Port de Bras

PortDeBras  reveals the concept of the unique technique and gives an insight into the principles that formed the Port De Bras method, based on functional and dynamic elongation, with arms working in combination, and having its own philosophy which gives the opportunity to use a movement as therapy. It presents the practice as an exercise system changing consciousness. This method allows to feel the psychology of a human being with individuality preserved; it enhances the movement mechanics and body physiology. The integrated elongation and extension techniques, including rehabilitation, are widely used. The concepts of a logical and natural movement for multi-faceted development of physiological and biomechanical abilities of an organism underlie the method.

PortDeBrasÔ Instructor – To become an instructor it is necessary to take any of the courses and purchase a license to have an access to the PortDeBras Club System video-material. The names and contacts of the official instructors, as well as courses schedule you may find on the following website: www.portdebrasclubsystem.com . An instructor has the right to work within this program in fitness clubs and studios both in groups and individually.

PortDeBras Trainer – to become a trainer one must attend a PortDeBras Trainer Course for official teachers of the given method. It is carried out several times a year in different countries. You may find its schedule here: www.portdebrasclubsystem.com and www.portdebras.eu (opening soon). For participation a preliminary registration is obligatory, in Europe via Helena Ballova ballova.helena@gmail.com and in Russia via Vladimir Snezhik  portdebrasru@mail.ru. Before taking part in a trainer course it is mandatory to pass a PortDeBras Basic course.

PortDeBrasÔ Home video – For getting an access to home training video materials you are to register here: www.portdebras.eu (opening soon). The exercises are ultimately comfortable and effective for enhancing functional control over the body, neuromuscular coordination, and as rehabilitation.  The lessons include various movements in the upright position and on mats as well as with fit balls and elastic bands.

The exercises are popularized and easy for any age and no formal or specific preliminary training is required.


Vladimir Snezhik started working on the creation of this method in the two thousandth year. Since 2000, he has presented this method under the name Port De Bras in Russia and Europe. Today, there are four main educational levels without equipment in PortDeBras: Basic, Intermediate, Progression, and Exercise. As well as Par Terre on mats, Ball with fitballs, Band with ribbons, Barre at the choreographic stick. Vladimir Snezhik is the author and developer of this method and the owner of the rights to the PortDeBras trademark since 2006.