We are looking for presenters who are ready to commit to showcase new, interesting and useful topics and classes. Read more view the main program and select the direction in which You are ready to act. Specify the event you want to participate in. BeFit Expo organizes highly focused events that deliver timely, objective, useful information a to its events delegates. BeFit Expo is equally committed to ensuring that its events facilitate informal information gathering and network creation. If You are ready to become a presenter for our events, please see information about our experience with the presenters.
Instructions, Requirements and Helpful Hints

If you wish to make a presentation proposal, please complete and submit the following form in its entirety, as only complete forms will be considered.

Before completing your submission, be certain to review the following important submission requirements, as well as the full list of requirements and restrictions at the bottom of this page:

Complete the form below in its entirety.
If you have more than one idea, please submit a separate proposal for each. The system might “time out” (and you’ll lose your data) if form completion takes more than 10 minutes. Consider copying and pasting from an MS-Word document for the more detailed questions.
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You are strictly prohibited from making sales pitches, sharing pricing and revenue-share information, and conveying negative comments about other organizations and/or products—whether verbally or written within a presentation.
Presentation content must not violate copyright laws; for example, do not include graphics (e.g., cartoons, company logos) or content created by others without appropriate permission from the creator or author.

Read the “Presenter Agreement”.

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